Naamloos Respawn point started streaming in 2010 with the first Sonic marathon on december 28 2009 with the orginal crew:

Zack - PointRespawn/SirDoctor/Respawnpoint

Dan - Sonar23

Damien - Lower Form Of Life

Nathan - CentyPoo

All four of them were at Most of the marathon's

The Megaman Marathon / The MegaYEAHPun Thon

The PokeThon / The Bulba Outrage Marathon (started by yours truly Damnhedge <3)

And Halloween Marathon/ The Horrible Marathon

In december 2010 Zack Started Doing Daily Stream's

He Started out with Castlevania

Right now He's doing random game's the chat/ him self chooses

In The Second Sonic Marathon Nathan sadley wasent there but we got two new people


And Garrufh - Gazzerz

As of right now marathons are clear yet because

Gazzerz stopped streaming

Damien and Nathan Just left

Right now Zack And Dan are the only ones left while searching for new members Both Damnhedge and GingerJohnney have been invited and told him they could do it if Zack agrees

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