So Right, SirDoctor is the one streaming the games and the one with you know the Um Skill for lack of a better word. We That chat provide "Moral Support" Many people from the chat have joined Zack on streams through teamspeak. Most of the chat likes to troll or make fun of Zack

Shakekiller- frequently joins zack on stream and provides the least moral support out of everyone. Torments Zack most of the time but some how can get Drunk!Zach to do anything she says.

Leedzie - Another person he frequently joins Zach on stream, she is always doing some kind of work for her desgin class and hiccuping. also has lots of Passcodes for stuff from PAX east. (mod)

Shadid- Shadid joins zack frequently and is going to one of the main voices in the podcast along with Newage and Zack. Shadid has an afro.Shadid also likes to jokingly "threaten to accidenly" Time out someone(Mod)

NewageClassicG amer- Newage is another frequent streamer and co-stars in the podcast. It Is a common joke amoung the chat that Newage likes to bitch about things and get upset. This is completely and utterly true and Nweage will Kill me when he reads this. (mod)

VUlpix_Nikki- Formerly Ninetails Nikki change accounts for some unknow reason. one of the genuine nicest people in chat. Nikki does not usually make fun of zack but she is no exception to the rule that people like to bother zack (mod)

Jayzeach-( to be added Later)

TheMadMansCat- ( seperate page)

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